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About our company

George Mattena is a 4th generation plumber who comes from a family who instilled the strong work ethic with integrity that George has. Honesty, hard work, morals, and values all come together as one.


George has over 27 years of profesional plumbing experience. He grew up in the trade therefore his education in the trade spans nearly 40 years. ​George has worked by the sides of some of the greatest Master Plumbers, including the best of the best, his father.


After our move to Tennessee George had no choice but to work for a "big" named plumbing company because he needed to acclimate to his new surroundings. It wasn't long before he realized that he was one of the very few licensed plumbers. Daily he was having to go out on calls to fix things that the company's "techs" did. He also soon got tired of the "tricks" the employees had to do in order to try to get more money from the unsuspecting customer.


Now George is away from the "big" company and happy to be going out on his own. Working in the trade that he loves, has grown up in, and doing it the right way - with honesty and integrity.

Mattena Family
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